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Women yellow accessories

Women yellow accessories perfects for your wedding looks. Choose your yellow favorite accessories.

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  • Pack Earrings & Bag P014

    €44.09 -€2.00 €46.09

    Pack that includes earrings and bag.

  • Ring MG A3101 Yellow


    Adjustable ring of Mary Ginel collection with natural stone in yellow color.

  • Earrings MG P1104 yellow


    Earrings mades with natural stone in yellow color and leaves un golden, high quality.

  • Earrings MG P1101 Blue+Yw


    Earrings mades with natural stones in blue and yellow color, high quality.

  • copy of Pendientes MaryGinel P1101 Fucsia

  • Bag Diamond mustard


    Bag in mustard color with front 2 golden lines and brilliant close detail.

  • Black fular Cercles


    Black fular printed with small circles. Measurement 190 x 70 cm.

  • Mustard fular Cercles


    Mustard fular printed with small circles. Measurement 190 x 70 cm.

  • Earrings Mustard Elia

    €8.90 -€4.00 €12.90

    Long earrings in golden color with long mustard wood pieces. Pressure thread.

  • Belt Orange Flowers B.


    Belt with front orange flowers. Elastic band in beige color .

  • Thread Bracelet Drop


    Thread Bracelet with frontal drop. Available in different colors.

  • Adjustable Ring Flower Yellow


    Adjustable Ring in silver color with modern flower in 2 styles on yellow .

  • Yellow Earrings Berta


    Acrylic yellow earrings in 2 kings of yellow. Pressure thread.

  • Yellow Earrings Vera


    Crystal earrings in yellow color mades with pieces in different styles. Pressure thread.

  • Bracelet Crystal AM Nice


    Bracelet in golden color with superior stones in yellow and coffee color.

  • Orange Belt Lace


    Orange Belt with flowers in orange colors. Back lace to adapt it to your waist.

  • Short Necklace Sanba

    €6.90 -€3.00 €9.90

    Short necklace made with natural stones, regulable chain to adapt it to your neck.

  • Earrings Agata Yellow


    Small earrings mades in crystal pieces with elegant design. Pressure thread.