Baby candy Bar Ideas

Are you organizing a baptism or a party for your baby? I give you some ideas so you can prepare your perfect sweet table.

Are you organizing a baptism or a baby show? I give you some ideas so you can prepare your perfect sweet table, in this case I opted for a table the blue color but you can choose the materials in the colors you prefer to adapt to your needs                                                                    

                                                                              Material you will need:

    -Fabrics with various colors and patterns.
    -Pagement or sewing machine.
    -Wooden boxes (you can get them at any supermarket or grocery store)
    -Spray paint
    -Paper silk
    -Marco large
    -Posos pincho
  2. Decoration and ties to taste.

I started to prepare this sweet table by the flags, we will start cutting the flags, first the large pieces, then the appliques that are superimposed, first those that have the same shape as the flags and then the letters and diapers that we can make them with fabric or with gomaeva so that they are more rigid. To make the flags we have 2 options, sew them that would be ideal for them to be perfect, first the edges of each piece and the appliques and then sew them to the ribbon that we will use to hang them. In the case that sewing is not too good we can choose to paste all the pieces following the same guidelines.

Once we have the flags we will begin to paint the boxes with spray paint, it is easy and very fast and in a couple of hours they are dry and ready to prepare, we will put inside each box a piece of cork of the measure of the base and a piece of tissue paper to cover the cork, then we can decorate the boxes with a ribbon, cord ... as we like.

If you have boxes of envelope that you can surely get, you can leave some natural to put in the details for the guests in case you have something ready for them or also to put things in case you prepare a photocall.

cajas detalles

I left these for some details that I had prepared.

Then we can cover a piece of cork with tissue paper to put something on top and to make different ones on the table.

With the cards we can make details with the skewers to put on the cupcakes as a decoration, we can make cardboard cages to decorate or whatever we can and we can use a decoration, I in my case cut out some bodies and I used them to I signed the guests and leave a small dedication, I leave a photo in case you like the idea.

ideas mesa dulce bautizo

To finish with the decoration of the table we can choose what we like the most, from details that we make ourselves up to details bought, that already to taste of each one.

In this table I added some sweets, what predominates are the two balls of sponges, to make them we will need two cork balls not very big, chopsticks and the sponges of the colors that we want, we just have to put the ball on a wooden stick thicker and then go sticking the ball with sticks and go putting the sponges, we can decorate the stick with tape or cover the balls with transparent paper to protect the sponges in the case of not using them immediately.

Another product that predominates and that makes this table very striking are the decorated cookies, to make the cookies we will need to prepare the shortbread dough (the recipe that we usually make) before baking them we will put them on the baking tray with the stick skewer put and once made we will decorate them with the fondant, we the cookies that we made were the bodies, cars, caballitos and baby bottles.

galletas bodies y caballitosgalletas biberones y carros

Once all the crafts made, we can prepare our table for the big day, a table with a very special touch and perfect for your baby's big day.


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