Looks light pink

Would you like wear a light pink look in your next event? I show you some photos where can get inspired and find that perfect look in light pink for your event.

The light pink is a very elegant tone to be able to wear it in our night or cocktail looks, in this post I show you some looks where you can be inspired and get your perfect  light pink party look and also know what accessories to combine with it to be splendid.


In this fist picture you a have a long light pink dress with golden accessories.

look con vestido rosa palo

Buy online this accesories 1.Golden earrings 2.Golden hand bag

Other golden accesories that you can wear with a light pink look:

Complementos dorados

Buy: 1.Earrins 2.Long earrings 3.Golden bag 4.Abstarct bag 5.Pearl earrings.

This is a second idea with the same look but in this occasion with accesories in the same color than the dress, a total look in light pink color can be a perfect option too.

look rosa con complementos a juego

pendientes rosa y dorado

complementos rosa palo

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This other look in light pink color is totally different to the fist one, this is more romantic ,this style can be perfect for a morning looks but depending with the accessories you wear it be able to use at evening too.

Look roca con cinturón de floresCinturón de flores rosaPendientes largos rosa claro

Buy accesories 1.Bag 2.Flowers belt 3.Pink earrings.

If you want to put a extra romantic touche to this look you can change the flowers belt for a hair flowers detail and you be perfect in a morning event.

Corona de flores rosaComplementos fiesta rosa claro

Buy this accesories 1.Pink bag 2.Pink earrings 3.Hair Flowers.

Other accessories that be perfects for this look:

Complementos de fiesta rosa claro

BUy this accesories 1.Lace bag 2.Bag 3.Hexagon bag 3.Cristal earrings.

With all this tips I, m sure you be perfect with your light pink look.

Thank you for read us and see you in 2 weeks.


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