Ideas Blue Look

Have you already prepared your blue look but do not know with what accessories use it? In this post I give you some ideas for you to choose the accesories and get a perfect blue look ...

The blue color is a very flattering tone that many guests choose for their most special moments ... Some of them find it difficult to combine it with the appropriate accessories ... I'll give you some ideas to complement your blue look:)

Let's start with a medium blue tone look ... if you do not like daring and contrasted looks it is best that you combined this color in silver, gold or simply with complements of the same tone as the look, these 3 options would be perfect for this stile of blue ...

And how do you decide on the gold or silver? Well, very easy ... you just have to approach a piece that you has got in gold to your face and another  in silver one and look at what tone goes best with your skin tone and which one you see most favored ... That's your tone and that you must choose for your accessories ... Easy:)

Some photos:

Look Blue with silver accesories

Look azul complementos plata

You can find all them in

Bolso plata circular

Look with blue accesories

Look azul complementos dorados

You can find the accesories in

Pendientes azules

you can find this earrings in

Here you have some ideas if your look in navy blue color

Look with navy blue accesories

Look azul marino

Look navy blue and white with blue accesories that you can find in

Bolso azul oscuro

Navy blue bag that you can find in

Other accesories in navy blue color:

Complementos fiesta azules

Cinturón y bolso de venta en


What you like is to contrast with complements of another tone in a blue look, the colors that better contrast with blue is yellow and fuchsia, if the look is printed you can also contrast with green, I give you some idea.

Look azul y verdelook verde y amarilloLook casual azul

I hope you find perfect Ideas for your blue looks in my post.


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