Inspiration Black Look

Essential is in your wardrobe is a black dress, to use it when you have an event by surprise ... in our post this week we give you some tips to use accessories with that basic black look to be perfect....

As I said in our introduction something essential and that you can not miss in your wardrobe is a basic black look to fall back on when you are invited to an event by surprise, you get an unexpected dinner or want to be pretty in a romantic night... Now you'll think so boring wear always that look? For this reason  in this post I give you some ideas because by changing different accessories you give your black look a special touch.

Black and Golden Look

A simple black look with just a few touches of gold in the accessories ... it is a total success and it is a combination of colors that you can use for any season.

look negro y dorado

Another perfect and sophisticated combination is to add a crystal necklace or a black headdress to your black look

collares cristal y tocado negro

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Black look with multicolor accesories

If we want to use your black look in a spring event and you want to give it a more summery touch, you can combine it with accessories of any more vibrant color such as red or mustard (although it could be any other color since black combines with most of them) Just with a touch of complements you would have the look you are looking for, spending little money.

Here you have some ideas for black look with red accesories.

complementos rojos para vestido negro

Pendientes rojos

look con complementos rojos

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Some ideas for your black look with mustard accesories

look negro complementos mostaza

pendientes mostaza

look negro con bolso mostaza

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I hope you have inspired with this post.


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